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Whether you require financial advice, help buying a home, or looking for more efficient ways to manage your debt, our team of financial professionals is dedicated to providing financial services across all major sectors of the financial industry.

When life presents financial problems that require complex solutions, American Financial Services is here to develop a comprehensive and personal financial plan to guide clients through major financial obstacles.

Financial Services You Can Depend On

We specialize in three main financial industries:With each category requiring varying tactics and methods to serve clients in that industry, our financial services are capable of solutions for a bevy of financial situations.

Equipped with years of financial industry experience, our financial professionals can use their expertise to produce results centered on years of market experience and market analysis. Regardless of your financial goals, we have the proficiency needed to properly guide your financial needs toward solutions that work for you.

With a commitment to only providing the best financial, mortgage, debt relief services to our clients, we can deliver premium results that optimize various financial strategies. Discover why no financial situation is too difficult to overcome and contact American Financial Services today.

How You Can Benefit from Our Customer-Centric Approach

By partnering with clients in need of financial, mortgage, and debt relief services, we develop concise strategies for each client while providing the support needed to ensure each plan is achievable and sustainable. Our approach with each client is focused on a set of goals:

  • Customer Dedication: Developing customer loyalty by producing superior results and having an open dialogue with our clients ensures their demands are always met. Communication is always key when it comes to financial services and our dedication to implementing customer-related advice enables us to meet the demands of every client.
  • Enhance Performance: Finding cost-effective and efficient solutions by reducing the costs and complexity involved in financial services helps boost performance across numerous sectors. Our risk management techniques also enable clients to steer funds away from volatile investments to better protect assets.
  • Develop Unique Strategies: Utilizing innovative technology and data analysis tools enables our financial professionals to develop key strategies based on the needs of every client. Helping our clients grow financially through proven techniques helps identify lesser-known financial opportunities.
  • Personalized Service: Throughout your financial journey with us, you'll receive personalized support to help you achieve your financial goals. Your financial goals are our priority and whether you're making your first home purchase or looking to expand your wealth, our customized services are geared to achieve any financial goal.
  • Produce Consistency: Our focus is on maintaining a consistent network of professionals that are always available to provide optimal financial services. Relying on American Financial Services for financial management helps provides clients a peace of mind knowing they can always count on us.

Along with our goals for each client, our services are based on basic fundamental principles that guide our client management services:

  • Integrity: Managing financial accounts requires a commitment to providing proven advice and resources that enhance quality through a system of checks and balances.
  • Education: Informing our clients on all the financial options available enables clients to learn the details of their financial situation to make more informed financial decisions.
  • Partnership: We value the trust you've placed in us and we don't take our partners for granted. We always strive to manage the financial situation of each investor as if they're our own.
  • Results: When it comes to financial services, producing positive results is at the heart of our mission and we're constantly formulating strategies that net the results our clients deserve.

When in need of financial services, our surgical and committed approach to each financial situation ensures our clients can find the individual solutions they can depend on.

Financial Advising Made Simple

Our holistic and comprehensive approach to financial advising ensures our clients receive access to some of the best financial advice in the industry. Our qualified and skilled team of financial planners are certified in industry standards to produce the professional results our clients expect.

At American Financial Services, you only work with financial professionals who are proficient in dispensing advice with your best interests in mind. You can count on American Financial Services to provide:

  • Trusted Advisors: Years of expertise in financial advising ensures our advisors will work on your behalf to produce results that generate trust and confidence in our services.
  • Tailored Advice: Our advisors take the time to learn the objectives of each client, so they can craft advice tailored to your specific situation and financial goals.

By building a comprehensive plan, our clients gain the confidence and insight needed to properly maneuver through financial planning. Regardless of your financial planning needs, our advisors can help start, grow, or plan for any financial situation:

  • Insurance Planning: Unexpected circumstances are a part of life and our insurance planning services are suited to help clients avoid the pitfalls that result from drastic life changes. Whether you need protection from a catastrophic medical situation or after a loved one dies, our insurance planning services help provide protection and guidance through unexpected life events.
  • Investment Advisory: Learn how to better navigate volatile investment markets with proven advice from our financial advisors. By being able to identify potential investment opportunities, our financial advisors can manage clients' portfolios efficiently and effectively.
  • Retirement Strategy: Our retirement strategy services are catered for each individual regardless of age or income. Whether wanting to retire young or looking to prolong your professional care, our retirement strategies are geared to the individual's needs.
  • Business Retirement Plans: When organizing business retirement plans, it's vital to have professional knowledge of how you can optimize the plan by reducing your tax obligations. Our services include the ability to help business owners implement and manage business retirement options of any size.
  • Education Planning: Paying for college continues to be more expensive year after year and it's vital to start planning how you can afford the growing costs. Whether identifying low-interest loans or other financial opportunities, our advisors can help place you a path of building a college fund you can rely on in the future.
  • Pension Consulting: Pension plans often involve many details that can be complicated for the average worker to understand. Our pension consulting services can help clients optimize pension plans by limiting tax obligations and identifying profitable options.
  • Estate Planning: When it comes to managing someone's life savings, you don't want just anybody taking over everything you've built. Our trued advisors work with each client to optimize their estate planning by identifying tax savings and other lesser-known opportunities.
  • Wealth Management: For high-end investors, our wealth management services can coordinate all financial planning to ensure every aspect of your financial portfolio is optimized and managed efficiently.
  • Alternative Investments: With some financial investors preferring non-traditional forms of investment, our team of financial advisors can help identify alternative opportunities for savvy investors looking to capitalize on lesser-known markets.
  • Tax Preparation: No one wants their finances to be burdened with large tax bills and our advisors can help guide clients through complicated tax scenarios to maximize wealth-building opportunities.
  • Investment Solutions: Having financial experts with industry experience in stocks, options, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds and other investment options enables clients to find financial solutions across numerous markets.
  • Charity Contribution: For clients interested in expanding their charity contributions, our financial management team can identify financial opportunities to help optimize any philanthropic endeavor.

To produce some of the best results in the industry, our financial advisors are committed to providing financial advice that enables clients to maximize their financial portfolios by:

  • Lowering Costs: Crafting financial strategies based on affordability and low fees allows our clients to optimize financial accounts for maximum returns.
  • Reducing Risk: Our financial advisors can base financial strategies off the financial needs of every client to ensure clients with more risk aversion are steered toward more sustainable practices.

Whether seeking basic financial planning or more intricate advice, our financial advisors have the expertise to identify strategies based on the financial lifestyle of each client. Our customer-first approach to financial advising allows American Financial Services to craft solutions for clients at any stage of their financial life:

  • Young Professionals: The best time to start financial planning for your future is when you first enter the workforce. Young professionals can utilize time to properly buildup savings to secure their financial future.
  • Mid-life Workers: As your peak earning potential rises in your mid-career, making solid financial decisions now is imperative for future security. Our financial advisors can help clients determine the proper amount of risk they're willing to take and how to enhance retirement accounts properly.
  • New or Pre-Retirees: When recently retired or on the verge, there are many financial decisions to make. Consulting with financial advisors can ensure you're taking advantage of the tax laws to ensure you're optimizing your retirement accounts fully.

Regardless of your age or net worth, the financial services at American Financial Services are geared toward providing trusted financial management services that cater to any individual seeking new opportunities to expand their financial portfolio.

Easing the Home Buying Process

With the home buying process involving so many factors including taxes, interest rates, loan terms, credit scores, and many other details, taking on the process by yourself can be extremely challenging. At American Financial Services, taking the hassle out of home buying and refinancing is one of our specialties.

As homebuyers encounter many obstacles during the homebuying process, our mortgage brokers are equipped to not only secure the best financial terms but to also alleviate the stress involved. Our services include preparing financial documents, verifying income, negotiating with lenders, and improving credits scores to help save clients time and money.

To help you navigate the home buying process with ease, our mortgage brokers are dedicated to securing an affordable home loan based on your financial needs. Regardless of the type of home loan you're seeking, our professional mortgage brokers provide numerous incentives for homebuyers:

Multiple Loan Options

Whether looking for a typical home loan or a lesser utilized loan options for specialty buyers, our mortgage brokers provide vast options when it comes to securing the home loan for your needs. The type of home mortgage loans we specialize in include:
  • Conventional: Conventional home loans typically offering lower interest rates, these types of home loans are ideal for prospective homebuyers possessing a substantial down payment, good credit, and a steady source of income.
  • Jumbo: Buyers needing a home loan that exceeds the federal loan limit can utilize a jumbo mortgage to receive a home loan in the $750,000 to $10 million range. However, a significant down payment is required, and private insurance will not cover the loan amount.
  • FHA Loan: For first-time homebuyers, an FHA loan may be the ideal way to secure their first home mortgage loan. Backed by the Federal Housing Administration, qualifying for an FHA loan is typically easier with lesser requirements for down payments and credit scores needed to secure the loan.
  • VA Mortgage Loan: Qualified U.S. military members are eligible for a VA mortgage loan which typically require no down payment and negotiable interest rates.
  • Rehab Loan: When looking to purchase a home that requires numerous repairs, our mortgage brokers can help secure a Rehab Loan from the Federal Housing Administration to provide funds for the renovation.

Only Competitive Rates

Finding the lowest mortgage rate is of the utmost importance when securing a home loan. To help our clients secure the lowest rate possible, our mortgage brokers are experts in negotiating with multiple lenders to help you find the most competitive interest rate in your area. Various interest rates available to our clients include:
  • Fixed-Rate: Securing a fixed interest rate ensures borrowers only have to pay the same interest rate throughout the entirety of the loan. This ensures predictable monthly payments, but if interest rates lower throughout the loan, the borrower will be forced to pay the same rate.
  • Variable Rate: These types of interest rates are not fixed at one rate and can be adjusted depending on reaching predetermined benchmarks. For borrowers counting on interest rates falling over time, a variable rate could be the ideal solution if securing a loan with high-interest rates.
  • Adjustable-Rate: An adjustable-rate mortgage is also known as an ARM which allows the interest rate to be adjusted over time. This can cause monthly loan payments to fluctuate, but overall interest rates for ARMs are typically lower than fizzed rate loans.

Loan Length

In addition to the various types of loans and the interest rates available, borrowers must also decide on the length of the loan. The longer the loan, the more a borrower will have to pay back interest on the loan. To help borrower identify the best loan length for their financial needs, our mortgage brokers can find any of the following loan lengths:
  • 15-year loan: While borrowers will have higher monthly payments, a 15-year loan is the second most common loan term because it allows borrowers to pay off the loan faster.
  • 30-year loan: This loan length is the most popular due to lower monthly payments, but it also requires more interest payments over time.
  • 40-year loan: The longest loan length allows for more affordable monthly payments, but borrowers must consider the amount of interest they'll be paying back throughout the loan.

We Educate Our Clients

At American Financial Services, we also take the time to educate our clients on every step of the home buying process to help clients improve their chances of finding the best home loan terms possible.

We work with each client to enhance the various factors involved in the home mortgage approval process including:

  • Credit Building: Knowing a client's credit score can vastly alter the terms of their home loans, our mortgage brokers can also help clients repair and build their credit to help find the best loan terms possible.
  • Mortgage programs: Our mortgage lenders will delve into every mortgage program available to identify potential financing options based on the borrower's financial situation.

There are also other factors lenders consider when deciding how much of a loan a homebuyer is eligible for:

  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: How much a lender is willing to provide to a borrower will depend on how much the monthly mortgage costs vs. the borrower's yearly income.
  • Loan-to-Value: Mortgage insurance may be needed if the borrower is unable to produce a significant down payment to protect the lender from default.
  • Type of Property: Lenders also provide loans based on the type of property a borrower is trying to purchase as well as how the residence will be used.

With so many variables affecting the home loan process, trusting American Financial Services with managing your home mortgage allows our team to gather all the resources necessary to simplify the process.

Our vast knowledge of the home buying industry allows our clients to easily maneuver through the complicated process with little hassle. Reach out to American Financial Services today to ensure your home buying is simple and effective for your financial needs.

Reduce Your Debt with Our Debt Relief Services

As more Americans struggle with the ever-growing burden of debt, American Financial Services has the solutions for anyone suffering from large amounts of debt. With so many avenues for consumers to accumulate debt including through medical, education, insurance, and credit cards, our debt relief services can find the solutions for each situation.

To help consumers better manage their debt, our professional debt relief specialists have numerous options when it comes to finding the best debt service for any consumer:

  • Debt Consolidation: By rolling multiple forms of debt into a single account, consumers can lower their monthly payments for a more effective solution.
  • Debt Settlement: Our debt relief experts are skilled at negotiating with creditors to help lessen your overall debt to facilitate a quicker solution to your debt issues.
  • Debt Management: When consumers are faced with vast amounts of crippling debt, our experts can craft a debt management plan to help eliminate debt, rebuild credit, create a financial strategy that ensures clients never have to face the burden of paying back debt again.
  • Credit Counseling: After you've eliminated or reduced your debt, our credit counseling services ensure you can remain on track for a debt-free life. Our debt relief experts can help clients avoid the financial mistakes that caused them to pay back high-interest payments in the first place.
  • Credit Analysis: To secure the interest rates terms on any loan, our credit analysis services can help identify areas to enhance your credit score to secure a lower interest rate. Before making any big purchase, make to consult with our credit experts to ensure your monthly payments are affordable.

Our debt relief services also include educational benefits that help prevent consumers from falling into a repeated death trap again. Our debt relief services also help our clients understand the basics of debt and the process involved to eliminate debt:

  • Understanding Debt: Before beginning the process of debt elimination, our debt counseling serves to inform clients of the financial decisions that led to the accumulating massive amounts of debt. By better understanding the destructive behaviors that lead to debt, our clients can make better-informed financial decisions to avoid debt in the future.
  • Tackling Debt: After educating clients on the decisions that can cause debt, we then formulate an individualized plan to begin eliminating the debt. Regardless of the type of debt you're facing, our debt relief experts work to identify the best opportunities for every individual's debt obligations.

With consumers having to face many types of debts, our debt relief experts are skilled and experienced to handle debt management on numerous types of debt including:

  • Student Loans: With millions of Americans facings billions of dollars in student loan debt, it can seem like paying off student loans will be a lifelong commitment for some. However, our debt relief experts can craft strategies to consolidate payments to help streamline the repayment process.
  • Medical Bills: Unexpected expenses can result in having to take on large debts to cover the expenses. With medical bills among the highest and unexpected aspects of debt, our specialists are experienced to find proven debt solutions for any type of medical debt.
  • Credit Cards: With credit card debt also coming with some of the highest interest rates, finding the quickest ways to pay back credit card is extremely important. Our experts work with delinquent credit card accounts to find the quickest and most efficient solution to help lessen interest payments.
  • Payday Loans: No consumer should be faced with having to pay the extreme interest rates that come with payday loans. With some payday loans reaching over 500% in interest rates, our experts work quickly to reduce interest rates and lower monthly payments for a more affordable repayment plan.

To help consumers find the solutions for the debt, our debt relief specialists are also experienced in using every tactic at their disposal to find alternative solutions for your debt problems. The lesser-known tactics for dealing with loans include:

  • Deferment: Using a loan deferment allows borrowers to temporarily suspend payments to better help them organize their finances. This can also give borrowers the time needed to consolidate their debts into an easier-to-manage account.
  • Forbearance: For home buyers, using forbearance may be the ideal solution when unexpected financial hardships occur. By utilizing forbearance on a home mortgage or student loan, consumers can stop making loan payments or temporarily reduce the monthly amount owed.
  • Refinancing: When faced with extreme loan terms that are difficult to pay back, using loan refinancing is an alternative method to remedy the situation. By modifying the conditions of the loan through refinancing, borrowers can receive new terms to help reduce large monthly payments with high-interest rates.
  • Loan Modification: By allowing the amount, length or interest rate of the loan to be modified, a loan medication is a great tool for homeowners who have seen the value of the home decrease significantly since purchasing.

Regardless of the type or amount of debt you're facing, our proven tactics of finding debt relief solutions ensure clients have access to every professional tactic to reduce and eliminate debt. Don't let the burden of paying back debt control finances any longer and start working with American Financial Solutions to gain the financial freedom you've always dreamed of.

When it comes to paying off debt, consumers have rights and tools at their disposal to ensure they're not faced with an undue burden. Contact American Financial Services today to start learning how you use our debt management services to lower your monthly payments, gain a better interest rate, and consolidate all your debts.

Join Our Financial Services Network Today

At American Financial Services, we also take the time to educate our clients on every step of the home buying process to help clients improve their chances of finding the best home loan terms possible.

We work with each client to enhance the various factors involved in the home mortgage approval process including:

With financial services no longer reserved for the wealthy, everyone can benefit from having a team of financial professionals dedicated to finding solutions for personal finance situations. As the need for personal financial planning continues to grow daily, American Financial Services is here to provide simplified solutions for any financial scenario.

Consumers don't have to face making difficult or life-altering financial decisions without professional help. If you have financial concerns, we have the answers you're seeking. Whether you're looking to start a financial portfolio, find favorable home loan terms, or get out of debt, American Financial Services caters to the financial needs of our clients.

Our financial advisors are capable of finding solutions to your financial goals. By helping guide your investments toward profitable opportunities, our financial planners are committed to your financial wellbeing. Our wealth-building strategies are centered around reducing financial risk still producing results our clients depend on. Don't settle for generic financial advice and start preserving and managing your wealth with confidence.

Partner with American Financial Services

By partnering with American Financial Services, our clients gain access to the tools and resources needed to help navigate the volatility that global financial markets produce. Meeting the financial needs of our clients is always our top priority and regardless of the type of financial guidance investors seek, our financial advisers are skilled to bestow advice across numerous financial industries including estate planning, stocks, insurance, and alternative markets.

Knowing that financial planning is just one major aspect of achieving financial freedom, our services are also catered to providing wide-ranging debt relief solutions. Whether having to deal with debt collection lawsuits, aggressive creditors, or government officials, our debt relief specialists can craft debt-free strategies for each situation.

Taking on the burden of eliminating crippling debt doesn't have to be something you face alone. With our debt relief experts, lessening the burden of debt consumers face is achievable with our resources and strategies.

With homebuying another major financial process that can be extremely challenging to handle, American Financial Services is here to lessen the hassle homebuyers face. Regardless of the financial hardships in your way of home buying, our mortgage brokers are here to lessen the hassle and costs of the entire process.

Our dedication to our clients ensures our financial services are designed to enhance any financial, mortgage, debt relief situation our clients may be facing. By delivering results that optimize financial strategies across numerous industries, American Financial Services has the expertise to overcome any financial scenario.

Let our financial industry experts and innovative strategies start working for you. There's no need to hesitate any longer. Reach out to American Financial Services today and see how our services can turn any financial complication into a financial accomplishment.